Thursday, January 15, 2009


Every year around this time, central Texas is under siege by severe allergies. It affects probably 98% of the local population in varying degrees. This year's bout has hit me directly in the eyes. One day I had rubbed my makeup off twice before I'd even started working...and I start work no later than 7:30 a.m. There are times when I'm scratching at them so badly that I'm forced to go to bed just to ignore my misery!

Needless to say, allergies have forced me to change my makeup routine. I like playing with fun eye makeup but smearing it all over my face ruins it. So how do I cope?

My Allergy Proof Look

1) It starts with skincare my routine. I switch from my foamy cleanser to a creamier version and dot on more moisturizer than I normally would use on my (typically) oily skin.
2) A red nose is inevitable so I use a yellow based foundation, (I find liquid foundation to be a little more moisturizing for me,) followed by powder.
3) I steering clear of the shadows with glitter, and dab a creamy highlighter on my brow bones only- I seem to miss this area when I'm involuntarily (and frantically) scratching at my lids, but it really wouldn't be too messy if it I couldn't avoid it.
4) I fill in my brows with a pencil, not powder, which could fall into my already irritated eyes.
5) Mascara is optional. I admit that I love it and am willing to deal with raccoon eyes for the day, but a good eyelash curler could easily get me through the day.
6) Finally, an area I usually ignore, I brush on a pink "as if I've been outside" blush on the apples of my cheeks which does a pretty good job of masking my "I feel like death" look.

For my lips I just use a chapstick, preferably something with a little menthol scent in it so I might have some moment of breathing clarity through my nose -even if it is for 5 seconds.

And I still recommend a pocket full of kleenex.


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