Monday, January 19, 2009

Get ready

I like getting ready in the morning. I don't like getting out of bed, but once I do, I really get into all the rituals that get my day started. I'm not a morning person to begin with so to have about 1.5 hours to myself before going to work is something I look forward to. To most people that seems like a pretty long time to get ready, but if I'm not going to enjoy my time, I may as well stay in bed until the last possible minute, which I admit occasionally happens.

Being a skincare product junkie, I have a ton of samples that I'll go through while I have a cup of coffee - (Yes, I have a coffee maker in my bathroom.) Sometimes it's a deep exfoliating scrub, sometimes a new bodywash. Whatever it is, I take a moment just to really "feel" the product and let it sink in. It's like a treat, (with no calories,) so I really try to enjoy it.

Most days are jeans and t-shirt days for me at work which is really boring, I know. I try to layer in other items to keep it more interesting and I'll wear cute flats if I know I won't be pushing around furniture. I don't dare wear anything I'm attached to because it will probably be really dirty or ruined by the end of the day. But since I really like what I do for a living, I just find other times to wear my fun clothes.

Makeup, on the other hand, is something I won't give up. It's a way of sneaking in a little style while still being appropriate for the job. Taking a few moments longer to just relax for the last time and put on my face is probably my most favorite ritual of all.

Yes, I put my 1.5 hours to good use. I walk out of my house with my best foot forward and I feel pretty good too. Isn't that the way a day should start?


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