Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Lunch and What I Wore

I don't normally wear stripes, but I guess that's because I haven't had anything with stripes for years. (I've been color blocked and solids for a long time...I'm trying to break this habit.) I found the tank for something like $4.99 at Academy and decided that if it didn't work out, I could just wear it at the gym or on laundry day only. But I'm happy with the results.

This is also the first chance I've had to wear my new shoes...I love them!

And since I was just out for a quick Sunday lunch at Freebird's, I decided to have some fun with my accessories.

I found this Subversive fly bracelet at a Target in Wisconsin, which is sort of random. But it's green and funky and unexpected...everything an accessory should be.


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