Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Only Thing I Have In Common With Mary Kate Olsen

I just watched a show that didn't like the tiered Christian Lacroix dress that Mary Kate Olsen wore to the Costume Institute Gala last night...Why such a big dress on such a little frame?

I can tell you why...because in her mind she's 5'10" with legs that start below her armpits. How do I know? Because I suffer from the same affliction. Often I go into a store, pull on a dress that I think will be perfect only to find that if I purchase it, I'll be cutting off 6 inches. Why do you think 4 inch wedges are my comfy, casual shoes?

Anyway, I love the dress and I like how she looks in it...confident and happy and I know I'm repeating myself, but isn't that what a dress should do for a girl?

Quit picking on her.


P.S.Not my picture.

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Desert Grace Boutique said...

I love that dress on Mary Kate. She looks gorgeous.