Friday, July 17, 2009

The Schitzophrenic Sandal Boot - Footwear with multiple personalities

Rough and sick week! So I bought 2 pairs of shoes to help me feel better, which they do. (Before the official dental bill.) The best part about them is that they were bargains. This is one of the pairs.

I admit the idea of the "boot sandal" is sort or weird but I went back 3 times because I couldn't get them out of my mind and they were on the clearance rack the last time I had gone back. So I finally bought them.

The skirt is really a dress that I like alot but it's very sweet and needs to toughen up! I paired it with this draped neck tank from Express that I seem to be living in lately and the sandal/boot.

The question is, should I go back for the brown pair?

1 comment:

jankin said...

i hope the voices in your schizo shoes heads dont tell them to do anything crazy...