Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Found In My Closet: Black Crinkle Jacket

This is pair #2 that I purchased while I was sick. I love the taupe color but I'm never really sure if it's gray or tan. However, that also means that they can go with tons of things in my closet.

I've been into neutrals for a while even though someone told me this color combo reminded him of desert storm. But the heels turned out to be a natural choice for the gray jeans and nude tank.

I always need something to keep me warm at dinner and usually just grab the easy cardigan. After digging a little deeper in my closet, I found this crazy crinkle jacket and decided that the texture was just what the outfit needed. I can't believe it was even in there as it's not something I would even try on but it really turned out to be right tonight.

This was also the 1st public wearing of the giant gold 80's choker. I love this piece! Somehow vintage yet still modern.


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