Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sick Saturday and What I Wore

Oh the joy of germs! I have a sore throat today and I'm pretty certain it's the cold that's going around at work. Of course I'm feeling it on my day off, it makes me crabby! But I still got my haircut and was able to check out a few summer sales going on. I scored 2 jersey dresses for around $15 at Express and a pretty top from Zara. More on those later...

I think I've had this skirt for about 8 years and it's actually a bit long so I have to pull it up about 6 inches. I love the embroidered dragon on it!

I like the belt with this out fit as well but it gets a little warm in this weather. It's huge though and I'll probably get more wear out of it this fall.

I'm off to nurse my sore throat.


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