Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Movies and What I Wore

Happy 4th! It was a day that I was able to free myself from a pile of alterations and ironing, both of which I really don't mind doing, but never seem to really get around to. However, today I got through a rather large chunk of this pile and was still able to enjoy a movie this evening.

I love going to the movies but I always freeze! Tonight was no exception but tonight, for once, I was ready for it. I've had this jacket for a little while and was not quite sure how to wear it...

It's a little "tattooed" for me, but I still like it. Then I realized that it would be really cute with my new shoes...!

I kept the rest simple with a black top and grey skinny jeans.

And I'm sure people thought I was crazy for wearing a jacket in the middle of a Texas summer, but at least I was comfortable!

And I recommend the movie "Hangover." Probably one of the best summer comedies out right now. At least it all beats mosquito bites.


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sleepysweet said...

I love your pink shoes...Mom just talked me into a little pink ensamble...I know pictures, pictures!