Monday, November 10, 2008

All Work and No Heels

I'm a regular person with a regular job. 4 out of 5 work days are messy and sweaty and require moving heavy things or climbing ladders. I love what I do, but clearly, nice business clothes and heels are out of the question.So am I stuck in a world of jeans and T-shirts? Almost! How not to get stuck in a rut?

I chose a fun belt for this outfit, one of my favorites but I admit that I don't wear it often enough. I love how it looks with dark denim.

My top had long sleeves and I wasn't wearing it at all, so I cut them off. Unexpected as a turtleneck, but it makes the outfit a little more pulled together. Gym shoes or flats are pretty much the only practical choice so they may as well be cute. This definitely worked for work. Comfortable and practical for 8 hours anyway. (I miss my heels...)


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Shybiker said...

Humans have sharp intuition: often we know whether we will like someone at first glance. Very quickly, I have fallen in love with your blog. Your writing is lucid, you have a charming personality and your photos are well-taken. You address subjects that interest me and your DIY spirit is inspiring.

I am rarely so captured by a blog, so I dived deeper into yours, starting at the beginning, way back in 2008. You look so different with bangs! I'm enjoying your early posts as much as your recent ones.