Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Possible Goner

Saturday is the one work day per week that I'm not getting dirty and can actually wear something cute. I like this dress, got it for a very good price and it fits the bill for for work and other occasions. What's the problem? I don't normally suffer from static cling but today I was close to mad with it! I tried on 2 pair of tights and attacked it with Static Guard. ( I lost.) The first pair of tights I had on were my favorites- a pair of Donna Karan's I purchased years ago that I have managed to keep looking almost brand new- but after spraying half the can I was still crackling with electricity and my legs were wet. Nice. Pair number two, which I went with for the day, were only a little clingy, but worse than that the waist band was just loose enough to continuously keep down sliding all day. It was a very slow madness. (Don't ask why I didn't take them off.) I can't live like this! So I ask you this...

1) Should I cut it shorter into a shirt or mini dress that I would only wear in the summer? ( Static cling can't survive Texas humidity.)

2) Should I bid it adieu and donate it?

3) Make it into a pillow? It would actually look pretty good in the living room.

Sigh...It's hard to get rid of a good dress. Anyone want a good dress? I'll throw in the static cling for nothing.


jankin said...

mini or pillow. i like your dress pillows. you could combine choice 2 and 3 and donate the dress pillow to me!! ok, i already have a dress pillow, i dont need another.

sleepysweet said...

Ok, here is my sure fire way to deal with static cling when I don't have static guard handy...Put on your tights. Then rub them all over with your favorite lotion. It seems weird, I know, but it will work. If you are like me, the part you are putting a ton of lotion on won't show, becaue it's under the dress, so it's ok if you don't rub it totally in. You can repeat this through out the day and it really works. It's not perfect, but then neither is static guard.

And as far as the creeping down tights...i totally sympathize. I got some cheap tights from walmart and they totally do not fit, I'm like who are these made for? People whose waist is like down around their pubic hair? People who like to show butt cleavage? Definietly not for me! I sometimes wear them as a last resort under a set of body smoothing gridle thingys. that way they can't slide down and if they do, I don't care as much, because I'm still covered up, right?