Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything in it's place, but do I need everything?

Everything is in it's place, but I haven't really gone through it, just sort of pushed it around I guess. But this is when the fun starts...I get to go through it all and show it to you as I decide what to keep, toss, donate etc. But before that happens, this is what my closet looks like now.

This is why I need to go through my closet, but it is now sorted by dresses, skirts, tops etc. and each section is (believe it or not) sorted by color.

I don't like to hang my sweaters because they get stretched out but this way I can see every one of them. I keep my over sized purses in this little suitcase that I used when I was little.

These are my jewelry boards that I made and they make it really easy to find just what I want to wear. They are super easy to make and I'll probably do a D.I.Y. post for them. I like and use jewelry boxes also, but only for bracelets and rings and other items that don't get tangled.

White boxes and baskets keep things light in a small spot. I used white contact paper but you could easily use the opposite side of wrapping paper. I also try to keep shoe boxes, but I don't label them, that way I can rotate out seasonal footwear.

Wow...this picture just made me realize how many pairs of shoes I have...the door on the left is hiding quite a few pairs and the hanging thing on the left has a few pairs stashed as well. I also keep my smaller purses there because I like to trade them out fairly often. I used some 3m hooks for my belts and maybe I could use one more...

Hmm...this doesn't include the things in my dresser. Well, this should be interesting. Here we go!


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