Thursday, November 13, 2008


I spent an 1.5 hours at DSW and found nothing. Nothing! That has never happened! Maybe I'm just full. (Is that possible?) I didn't necessarily go in there with a need, (again, is this possible?) although my favorite black heels are on their way out, so I sort of felt lost. I looked at flats, boots, heels of all kinds, the clearance section, purses and socks. It wasn't until I got in line with a pair of (ahem, sleek,) fingerless gloves, tights and some men's socks did I realize I had been entirely suckered in by the "Spend $39.95 and received this cool clutch for free" coupon. I had carried $40.00 worth of crap around and was actually the next person in when I had this epiphany. So then I excused myself from the line and let the next coupon grasping groupie ahead, pretended to be interested in some sneakers for a second, dropped my useless goodies and fled. Ahh DSW, you are good. You are very good. And I still love you.



sleepysweet said...

Nothing at DSW?! Really?! Is that possible?

I know how you feel though. I've been to bookstores and felt exactly the same way.

Love your blog! I especially loved yesterday's fur. I showed it off to all my yearbook kids, who claimed you did indeed look like me. They are so cool!!

J. said...

Can't believe it myself! Oddly heartbreaking.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this! I'm trying to be disciplined...