Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Closet Challenge-Zara Top Outfit 1

The vibe I get from this blouse is Boho, a style I don't normally subscribe to and not really sure how much is too much. I feel like the little bitty Olson Twins can pile on 50 pounds of fabric but the Texas heat just doesn't allow for that.

But I think I could wear this by the end of September and be perfectly comfortable.

The vest used to be a jacket but I removed the sleeves a long time ago. The necklace is vintage (I wore it a couple of posts ago,) and I picked up the leather cuff, wood bangle and ring at various times and various places. You may also remember the sandal/boot, a current summer purchase, which works great for this look. And of course the jeans are from Express with a few alterations.

So far, the top is safe. I like this for a day to night look, but a little funky for work even on the sales floor...maybe that's the next look I need to try...



Pearl Westwood said...

I love this outfit! At first I thought the shirt was furry but its just the print! Looks fantastic contrasting the boho top with the white pants and the shoes which lend a futuristic vibe x Pearl

J. said...

Thank you! I really am falling in love with this shirt. I can't wait for it to cool off to wear the vest with it.