Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Closet Challenge

Almost every Saturday you can find me in my closet tidying up the weekly mess I make. I actually don't mind being among all my lovely pieces. I'll put on a pair of fun but inappropriate for cleaning pair of shoes and could probably spend an entire day in there.

It's not a big, glamorous space. I have bookshelves jammed in to inspire some sort of organization and it's beastly hot in summer because there's no ventilation what so ever. But mixing and matching all my pieces, thinking of new ways that I could wear something, determining what items I'll need for the upcoming season, well, I could get lost in it!

That being said, my poor closet is stuffed! I know I have too much clothing! I like to declare "I'm getting rid of all the things I never wear," then usually pull out 3 things to send to Goodwill only to decide a day later that I can alter something and back into my closet it goes. Sometimes I get around to altering it (I try to do it myself,) and sometimes not.

But this time, I'm really going to do it! I've decide to pick one item and make 3 different looks with it and if I can't do it, then I probably need to rethink its home in my closet, that's valuable property!

And here's the first.

I bought this silk Zara top this summer and have only worn it once. I admit that it was a little bit different style-wise for me. It's not as tailored as I normally wear and I think I was trying to introduce more pattern into my life. I was also captured by the fraying at the neckline and sleeves...

So pretty!

Of course it's probably fine with jeans, but I'm not sure that's enough. So it's the Closet Challenge!

I'm off to dig through my closet!


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