Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy About Christian Siriano

So, like everyone else, I've been reviewing collections for Spring 2010 and there are some good things coming up but the one that I really enjoyed was something I wasn't prepared to be so happy about. Christian Siriano, season 4 winner of "Project Runway," has put together a beautiful yet wearable collection and I think I would wear almost every piece (with a few exceptions.)

(Photo from
(Photo from
He fulfills my obsession for neutrals. I loved the florals that roamed the runways this week, but this is so creamy, smooth and rich! Mmmmm...

(Photo from
(Photo from
Blue is a color that I don't normally wear, but this fabric is gorgeous!

He did some strange things with shoes that I'm not sure about, but I'm only going by pictures. They could be more interesting in person. Anyway, you can see his collection here - Enjoy!



Shannon said...

Oh definitely love the blue fabric he's using in the last dress! Ahhh, I'm impressed.

His shoes on the other hand, I do not like.. Have you seen his collection for Payless? I was not satisfied.

J. said...

I saw an ad for his shoes, but that alone was not what I would have hoped for. That being said, it is Payless. Ok, I'm going to look right now.

Cari (Is Not Fashion) said...


Jess said...

I really loved the blue too, such beautiful prints.