Thursday, September 3, 2009

Closet Challenge-Zara Top Outfit 2

So the top can be pulled off at work, but only if it's played safe. And preppy. Especially when the pearls are piled on.

Making an appearance are these cute cap toes from Nine West, which I haven't worn in a while and really, if I can't find more to go with them, may head for Goodwill. The pants are an old pair from Dollhouse and still fit decently.

I'd probably also wear this for meetings and appointments. Like I said, it's safe but at least it can be pulled off without looking over the top which makes this top more versatile than I had previously thought.

Ok, look #2, not very inspiring but maybe this blouse wasn't a bad buy. Maybe I'll get more wear than I expected.



Anonymous said...

Oh, your blouse is stunning! Seems a little difficult to wear but it's definitely unique.

Good luck with your closet challenge!

J. said...

Thank you! I do love this top, and it is sooo different for's good to step out of the box.