Saturday, August 15, 2009

Always In My Closet, The Sasha Paillette Top

On the same sparkling note as my last entry, this is my most favorite top. I remember when I first saw it. I was working in a small boutique about 5 years ago, and when my boss asked what my current favorite item was I told her this Sasha paillette top. She nodded and said "Ahh yes, that is an important piece." (I'm not really sure what that meant, but she was Chinese and always making cryptic remarks like this.) She let me wear it to the Dennis Quaid charity fashion show and it was instant love. My boyfriend ended up buying it for my birthday because I couldn't stop talking about it.

I get cold when I'm wearing it in air conditioning, but this little wool & silk shrug works nicely with it because it just covers my arms and upper back but still shows off the top underneath it.

This will probably always be in my closet!


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