Sunday, August 30, 2009

Found In My Closet -Dress of Tragedy

The only time I have ever worn this dress ended in tragedy. I had been out with my boyfriend for his birthday with another couple and to make a long story short, the girl from the other couple ended up spilling red wine all over my dress. I was able to save it and there are a few faint marks that only I could point out, but every time I think I want to pull it out of the closet we seem to be going out with that couple and I don't want to embarrass her!

Well, it's been almost a year and I'm hoping that she's forgotten which dress it was, because I really like this one. It's jersey and so very comfortable!

I tried on several pairs of shoes before I decided on these Nine West platform classics.

This vintage pendant came from a necklace once owned by my grandma. It was on a really ugly cheap looking chain when I received it. I sewed it onto a black velvet ribbon, and now I love it!

This outfit would be perfect for brunch! Mimosas don't stain, right?

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Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!! And clever way of touching up that necklace, it looks adorable.

Alex Dom said...

classic shoes always save a look! :) i like your nine's!