Monday, August 24, 2009

Product Obsession- SoAP

Love this soap! While I'm not usually a fan of the bar, this stuff is fantastic! Many of the ingredients used are certified organic and are actual things that you've heard of like avacado, hempseed and coconut.

The Tea Tree Bar makes for a great face soap during breakouts, not drying at all. I'm looking forward to using the Dead Sea Mud bar, it's also supposed to be good for the complexion. Green Tea is a light weight scrub, and the shaving bar comes highly recommended but I haven't picked it up yet.

I'm currently using Sandalwood Vanilla in the shower. A scent like this can be a bit strong for a lot of people, but this one is so soft and light, it can be used every day.

They have so many cool scents like Black Coffee and Texas Pecan Eucalyptus and they come in liquid form as well, not to mention hand and face creams etc. I want to try them all!

I got mine at the local Farmer's Market but you can get yours at their website

So go take a shower.

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Alex Dom said...

tea tree's really good for blemishes. REALLY good. i guess it was just the smell that bothered me