Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dreaming Of Plaid and Oxfords For Work

If I could, this would be my "uniform" for work. Unfortunately, it's so wrong in so many ways for what I do. I do sometimes wear the shirt, which is a vintage Rustler by Wrangler, a thrifted gift from my friend Erich. I'm supposed to wear plain, solid color t's but it's been known to make appearances on days when I haven't done laundry. No one has said anything to me.

The white jeans are from Express that used to be boot cut but I took them in. I wear them much more often now, however, the fact that I've been painting at least 3 days a week for the last month make them a bad choice. I'll never really understand why painters wear white but I'm unwilling to sacrifice these.

I love these oxfords! I found them by accident at Target last year so you can guess that the price was great. Because they are close toed, I could wear them if I was a sales person. That being said, the higher ups have deemed them not so great for climbing ladders and pushing around furniture. I guess they're right. (Sigh.)

I took these pics by myself, trying to learn how to work with the tripod and they are much better than my last post...legs don't look so short. We are currently doing some remodeling and I sort find all the construction stuff interesting for backgrounds. Not so much fun to live with, but interesting...


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Alex Dom said...

your shoes are adorable!